Saturday, June 18, 2016

Last Taxol before baby!

I went in yesterday for my last chemo before we meet Baby B. Everything went well, and many of the staff and volunteers came by to wish me good luck. I got lots of hugs and requests to let them know when the baby arrived and how we were doing. I also won in Phase 10. My sweet, kind, and gentle mother-in-law called me lots of unbecoming names. I mostly deserved them: I won by several phases this time.

After a nice nap on the couch while Kevin finished his work from home day, we headed to his parents' house for our pizza dinner and then drove back to GBMC for our infant CPR class. That was the last major thing we needed to do before the baby comes, and so I have officially given Baby Brotzman permission to come when she or he is ready.

The weekend is, as they all seem to be lately, packed. We have to pass on his cousin's son's first birthday party, also this afternoon, as he had a high fever last night and has been exposed to hand, foot, & mouth disease, which is something I absolutely do not want to be anywhere near, but there's plenty of other stuff going on. While Kevin cuts the lawn at the row house, I'll take Homer to the vet to get his nails trimmed. The other cats will let me do it, but Homer is next to impossible, so it's worth it to pay the vet to do it. Also, those suckers are long and sharp--definitely something we don't want to worry about when he meets the baby. We've got Kevin's Mannion family reunion picnic this afternoon, which is always a fun time.  Besides that, we'll be doing a little last minute reorganizing of the cabinets in the kitchen, because I've finally decided where I want to put bottles and other baby supplies, and we'll hopefully get the decorations hung in the nursery. I imagine they'll look even nicer hanging on the walls than they do propped up on the floor against the wall. There will likely be at least one nap in the midst of that.

Kevin will go with his dad and sister to the Orioles game tomorrow afternoon. He's pretty excited about the newsboy cap giveaway for Father's Day. I'll stay home and rest, since I'm usually feeling pretty puny starting on Sundays.

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