Wednesday, May 11, 2016

So big!

The baby, that is, and my belly! I love it. People still tell me regularly that I look small to be delivering next month, but according to our latest ultrasound--a mere six hours ago, Baby Brotzman is 4 pounds, 15 ounces, which is actually on the larger size for two days shy of 33 weeks. I guess it helps that I'm exactly the same weight today as I was at my first prenatal appointment. (I've been told that I shouldn't say that too often around other pregnant women or around women who have been pregnant, but since I'm the only pregnant woman I know with breast cancer, I'm owning this one with delight.) Even still, two people at work today commented on how much my belly is poking out now--yay!

We got lots more pictures this afternoon. Baby is living up to his or her nickname of Troll, as one hand stayed blocking the face most of the time, and the baby kept his or her face just close enough to the placenta to prevent a really clear view.

I've had a couple of relatively down days this week, so seeing the baby was a good antidepressant. No particular reason for the low mood and disregulation, so I'm going to blame hormones. And rain. Ugh. So. Much. Rain. At least our azaleas look amazing! Pardon the tall grass--I took this during the eleven minutes of sunshine we have had this week. It hasn't stopped raining long enough to mow for over two weeks.

We finished our preparation for childbirth and infant care class series; I'm not sure if Kevin is quite ready yet.
That's totally untrue, by the way. He is going to be an amazing dad, and I will not let him palm the baby's head. He also did a pretty good swaddle!

First Taxol chemo is coming up on Friday. I'm hoping that there's a lot of truth to what I've been told about people responding better to the Taxol than the A-C; regardless, no more Neulasta! I really can't complain about the whole A-C experience; I had relatively few side effects and discomfort, and it's clearly working: I can't find the lump anymore!

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