Friday, May 27, 2016

Four Weeks 'til Baby!

Four! Twenty-eight! Six hundred seventy-two! Three!

Four weeks. Twenty-eight days. Six hundred seventy-two hours.

That's approximately how much longer we have until we meet Baby Brotzman. It's getting very real. We spent some time this week working in the nursery to get it set up, and it's nearly ready. We installed the car seat this afternoon (sort of; we need to figure out how to tighten the base better, and we're working on getting an appointment with a certified safety inspector). Finishing touches and laundry are on the agenda for the weekend.

I had another non-stress test and ultrasound this morning--they'll be twice a week from now on, and Baby B aced it. Kevin's mom got to come to this appointment, since it was just before my infusion. Baby kept most of his or her face hidden again, so the pictures this time were not very clear. Still, I love that I get to see the baby so often.

My infusion was fine; we made it to that appointment with two minutes to spare, since it took a while to get called back for my NST earlier in the morning. It wouldn't have mattered, as it turned out, as the center was pretty backed up and we waited about an hour to get called back. Despite that, we were finished around 1:30 and back home by 2, the earliest so far. I immediately took my afternoon nap - I don't know why the Benadryl (to reduce the risk of an allergic reaction) doesn't knock me out when I get it, but I've not needed my nap until getting home each time - while Kevin finished up his work day.

I've decided to try to set aside a day for freezer and crock pot meal prep, so I spent some time on Pinterest finding meals that looked good, easy, and healthy...or at least two of the three. I'm not sure when I'll get to it - or, to be honest, how I'm going to mange it, since my stamina is so reduced these days - but I'll figure it out as I go. I'll put Kevin or anyone who wants to volunteer to work and split up the tasks as much as possible: grocery shopping one day, chopping another, actual prep on another. I've also found it to be quite helpful to drag the bar stool over to the stove or counter where I'm working. I feel so old. And pregnant. Four weeks.

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