Wednesday, April 27, 2016


The baby was quiet today; I only felt a couple of kicks all day long. It was a huge relief to hear that strong heartbeat at our OB appointment this afternoon. Baby must just be as tired as me today. I got a lot of questions about labor and delivery answered today, things like what we can bring (essential oils with diffuser and birthing ball are both okay), and how often I'll be monitored (constantly; between the diabetes and the Pitocin to induce, intermittent monitoring isn't an option). I won't be able to eat, so they'll maintain my blood sugar via IV (boo). They'll check for the cleft immediately, and as long as the baby is healthy, we'll be able to hold the baby right away. And, most excitingly, my doctor is completely on board and encourages the use of donated breast milk--and someone has already made the incredibly generous offer to us! So now, even though I won't be able to breastfeed, the baby will still receive breast milk.

I move to weekly appointments now. We have another ultrasound in two weeks, and I'll start twice-weekly monitoring on May 19. It's going to feel like I live at GBMC by the end of this year.

After my OB appointment, I had my pre-chemo labs drawn, and yay! the phlebotomist got my vein on the first try and didn't have to wiggle the needle around in my arm! I then walked over to the infusion center to drop off the forms for my oncologist for FMLA and short term disability. Later on, we treated ourselves to frozen yogurt for dessert. On the drive home, Kevin asked me if I'd ever noticed that the acronym FMLA includes the acronym FML. I hadn't, but it amused me.

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