Thursday, April 7, 2016

Are you wearing a wig?!

My first kid found out today. I went to pick her up from class, and she asked, right there in the classroom. I said no, but she persisted, so I gave her a look and asked her to hush until we were outside. She did not, and asked twice more before I got her into the hall. A couple of kids were passing by in the hall and again she asked me, "Do you have cancer?". I said, firmly this time, "Please stop talking about it in the hallway; we can talk about it as soon as we get to my office". She gave me a look then, like she was starting to understand, and she didn't say anything until we got to my office.
There I told her, "Yes, it is a wig, and yes, I do have cancer". She wanted to know if I lost my hair already, wanted to see it, said the wig looked weird on me because I never wear my hair down (and she likes it better when I have a ponytail, because I look 'normal').

She asked if the baby was okay, and if the baby would have cancer. I explained that the baby wasn't going to be affected at all, that the treatments I would have before the baby comes are all safe for the baby. She wanted to know if I'd be at school next year, and I said yes. And then, apparently satisfied, she wanted to show me a video on her phone.

Immediately after she left the office, I asked my coworker if the wig looked like a wig or if it was crooked or what. She said no, and we've decided my student is just more observant than most people. I asked her to pretty please tell me if ever the wig is crooked or looks weird, because I think that would be more embarrassing than just going bald.

I'm kind of looking forward to my kids all knowing so that I can just wear a cap or scarf. This wig, while I think it does look natural enough, isn't very comfortable and it's always in my face. I so often wore a ponytail in the past because I don't like my hair in my face at all--and while the wig is long enough to pull back, it doesn't look natural when I do. It gets a little Deep South Big Hair on me when I do that. I think we'll all agree that I can't pull off that look.

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