Friday, November 25, 2016

Baby's First Car Accident

Spoiler alert: Everyone is fine, but it was another scary day.

This morning, Finn and I left the house just before 9:00 to go meet someone to pick up another donation of breast milk. Half a mile from our house, a car turned left in front of us. I saw the car, knew they were going to go, knew they didn't have time to make it. I slammed on my brakes, swerved hard to the right shoulder, and felt the jolt and the crunch as the car hit me. Finn started screaming, and I took off my seat belt and tried to open my door to get out and check him. My door wouldn't open. I jumped over the center console into the back and began unbuckling Finn's car seat buckle. He stopped crying within a few seconds, but I was still terrified. I got him out of his seat as gently as I could manage and looked him over. He seemed fine and curled into my neck when I put him on my shoulder, which is what he loves to do when he's sleepy.

I dialed Kevin, who was fortunately working from home today. I told him someone had just hit us, told him the intersection, and asked him to come, and then I called 911.

The police officer found the other driver to be at fault, which was obvious but still a relief when he said it. My car wasn't able to be driven, so the police called for a tow truck while I got on the phone with my insurance company. Kevin called the pediatrician, who recommended we take Finn to an urgent care or ER to have him checked out. My shoulder and head were hurting, and so once my car had been towed, Kevin and Finn and I headed to the urgent care to get checked out. Fortunately, we have a car seat and base for each of our cars, so we could still keep Finn safely strapped in for the car ride. We were both cleared; the doctor said that babies are far better protected in their car seats than we are with just our seat belts. She said I'd probably be sore but they didn't see anything concerning.

Kevin would probably be disappointed in me if I didn't mention Finn's phenomenal up-the-back, into-the-armpits blowout in the waiting room. It was easily his biggest and messiest blowout yet.

I spoke with the insurance company a couple of times while we were waiting, and they confirmed the claims adjuster would be out later that day to give an estimate for my car and set me up for a rental. We weren't able to pick it up today though, as the satellite office we went to didn't have any cars left today what with the holiday weekend. We'll pick it up in the morning instead.

We finally got home a little after 1:00, and I still didn't have the milk I'd gone out for five hours earlier. I went back out for it while Kevin kept Finn so he could get a good nap in. I haven't added up how much we got, but it looks like it's going to be several days' worth! I will pick up the other batch of milk that's being donated tomorrow. My boy is five months old today, and he's had only breast milk. He started on oatmeal two weeks ago, and I'm so pleased that we were able to reach both of these milestones with him. I never would have expected that we'd be able to keep him exclusively breastfed for so long. Nearly a dozen women have shared their milk with us, and it amazes me every day when I go into that freezer to pull out milk for the next day.

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