Thursday, September 8, 2016

I've felt pretty good today. I took a pain pill early this morning, but Tylenol has been sufficient for the rest of the day

Finn had me up at 4:30 this morning; he wasn't awake yet, but he was grunting and it kept me awake until he was ready to eat at 5:00. He did not go back to sleep for more than a ten minute cat nap until after 8:00 this morning, when I brought him to my mom and went back to bed. I think he stayed awake with her the rest of the morning. He was fussy with me, and he kept banging his head into my chest. That wouldn't feel good under normal circumstances, but with three incisions across my chest, it was pretty painful.

I was excited to discover that I could still wear the baby using the Infantino wrap I've borrowed from a friend. It sits just right so that neither he nor the straps are putting pressure on my incisions. Mom and I ran some errands this afternoon and evening, and as we got to the mall, she asked if I'd put the stroller back into the car. Nope, sure hadn't. Another thing I didn't do? Put that wrap into my car. The Ergo was in there though, so I decided to try it. It worked! It wasn't as comfortable as the other wrap, but it was tolerable, and so Finn slept on me while we wandered the mall. I kept him in his car seat at Costco, our last stop of the day. 

We're working on getting things ready for Finn's baptism on Sunday; there's a lot to get done, but I think it's manageable. I feel bad that we didn't get invitations out sooner than last night, but in our defense, we have had a lot going on. And as I was typing that, Kevin just said to his mother on the phone, "At some point, we'll have to stop using cancer and having a baby as excuses". He's probably right, but it's going to stay my excuse for right now.

And somehow, it's already 9:30, and I really need to get myself to bed. Even after going back to bed this morning, I still got less than 6 hours of sleep, and that's just not sufficient.

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